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Basic Research

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Our Researchers and Labs

Abd-Elsayed Laboratory Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD, MPH

Our research is focused on finding new clinical strategies to reduce chronic pain and for general pain management treatment. By carefully considering the pathology of the pain and treating the whole patient, we have been able to treat many patients with state-of-the-art therapies, including using advanced technology and modalities, that are successful in reducing or blocking pain and dramatically improving their quality of life.

Banks Laboratory Matthew Banks, PhD

The Banks laboratory is interested in how sensory stimuli are represented in the firing patterns of cells in the neocortex, and how general anesthetics disrupt this coding process.

Bilen-Rosas Laboratory Guelay Bilen-Rosas, MD

Our mission and our passion as a research group is to find a solution to prevent catastrophic outcomes by developing a clinically useful respiratory monitoring device.

Cios Laboratory Hubert Cios, MD

My research interests primarily focus on improving patient recovery after surgery both functionally and emotionally looking at how various techniques can help improve pain and recovery. I am also interested in new regional anesthesia procedures and how their applications can be broadened to the scope of various types of surgeries.

Galgon Laboratory Richard Galgon, MD

Our research focuses on airway management and technology assessment.

Hogan Laboratory Kirk Hogan, MD, JD

The Hogan Laboratory focuses on responses to anesthesia and surgery arising from genomic and epigenomic variation.

Pearce Laboratory Robert A. Pearce, MD, PhD

The Pearce laboratory is focused on understanding the mechanisms by which general anesthetics alter central nervous system function.

Perouansky Laboratory Misha Perouansky, MD

The Perouansky laboratory uses genetic tools available in the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) to identify genetic determinants of anesthetic neurotoxicity.

Sanders Laboratory Robert Sanders, MBBS, PhD, FRCA

Our laboratory is interested in understanding the nature of consciousness and factors contributing to cognitive dysfunction. We employ the latest research technology to investigate changes and relationships in brain waves, biochemistry, and brain physiology.

Walker Clinical Research Benjamin Walker, MD

Our research is focused on pediatric perioperative pain management strategies. By studying risks and complications in national and international databases, and through direct clinical research, our goal is to advance current anesthesia and prescription practice and improve care for the youngest patients.

Yang Laboratory Jay Yang, MD, PhD, MSEE

The Yang laboratory studies the basic mechanisms of clinically relevant problems such as pathological pain, heart failure (diabetic cardiomyopathy), and sepsis using cellular, molecular, and electrophysiological techniques.