Critical Care Anesthesia

Physicians in the Division of Critical Care Anesthesia collaborate in a team model to provide an exceptional standard of care to critically-ill patients across a spectrum of surgical and medical specialties. We are experts in the treatment of life-threatening illnesses that, in the medical ICU, range from respiratory failure to septic shock. In the surgical ICU, we manage the challenges of Level I Trauma victims, post-operative liver transplant patients, complex vascular surgery patients and a host of other perioperative pathologies. In the cardiothoracic ICU, we provide care to patients receiving life-saving procedures, such as heart and lung transplants, while managing cutting-edge technologies including mechanical circulatory support devices and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). 


The Division also provides exceptional training and education to a variety of learners. We train medical students rotating in the ICU with a newly-developed curriculum, and residents with a focus on point-of-care ultrasound. Our critical care fellowship integrates multiple disciplines and invites other trainees to learn in our highly specialized unit. Our dedicated faculty participate in lectures, seminars, workshops, simulations, boot camps, bedside teaching and more. Among our group, there is a constant desire to inspire critical thinking and ignite, in our learners, the same passion and enthusiasm for critical care medicine that fuels us. Our members actively engage in research, participate on policy committees and serve on teams committed to the development and implementation of new programs and guidelines for ICU care. 


Dr. Gozde Demiralp joined the Division of Critical Care Anesthesia in August 2020 as medical director of the cardiothoracic surgery ICU. Dr. Demiralp has a specific interest in advanced cardiac critical care and mechanical circulatory devices (MCDs). As medical director, she will establish multidisciplinary collaborative rounding team modules for high-acuity ICU patients. She also envisions unifying all clinical service lines that require MCDs within the cardiothoracic surgery ICU, where all intensivists will serve as functional members of the ECMO team. 

Division Chief

Chris Cassara, MD

Assistant Professor
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