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"A virtual anesthesiology faculty development seminar: The first step in a Midwestern consortium to advance academic interests."
Bevil KM, Klesius LL, Gokey A, Nevel J, Thomas JJ, Coursin DB,  Journal Of Clinical Anesthesia  Vol 79  Pages 110767  2022 Aug  PMID: 35349962


"Multivariate autoregressive model estimation for high-dimensional intracranial electrophysiological data."
Endemann CM, Krause BM, Nourski KV, Banks MI, Veen BV,  NeuroImage  Vol 254  Pages 119057  2022 Jul 1  PMID: 35354095


"Distinct EEG signatures differentiate unconsciousness and disconnection during anaesthesia and sleep."
Casey CP, Tanabe S, Farahbakhsh Z, Parker M, Bo A, White M, et al. (incl. Pearce RA)  British Journal Of Anaesthesia  Vol 128  Iss 6  Pages 1006-1018  2022 Jun  PMID: 35148892


"Radiofrequency Ablation of the Superior Cluneal Nerve: A Novel Minimally Invasive Approach Adopting Recent Anatomic and Neurosurgical Data."
Visnjevac O, Pastrak M, Ma F, Visnjevac T, Abd-Elsayed A,  Pain And Therapy  Vol 11  Iss 2  Pages 655-665  2022 Jun  PMID: 35430676  PMCID: PMC9098737


"Safety of Conventional and Pulsed Radiofrequency Lesions of the Dorsal Root Entry Zone Complex (DREZC) for Interventional Pain Management: A Systematic Review."
Pastrak M, Visnjevac O, Visnjevac T, Ma F, Abd-Elsayed A,  Pain And Therapy  Vol 11  Iss 2  Pages 411-445  2022 Jun  PMID: 35434768  PMCID: PMC9098700


"X-linked genes exhibit miR6891-5p-regulated skewing in Sjögren's syndrome."
Shaw TM, Zhang W, McCoy SS, Pagenkopf A, Carp DM, Garg S, et al.  Journal Of Molecular Medicine (Berlin, Germany)  2022 May 10  [Preprint]  PMID: 35538149


"Carbon Footprint of Anesthesia: Comment."
Schroeder KM, Özelsel T, Ip V,  Anesthesiology  2022 May 5  [Preprint]  PMID: 35507701


"Recommendations for effective documentation in regional anesthesia: an expert panel Delphi consensus project."
Ahmed HM, Atterton BP, Crowe GG, Barratta JL, Johnson M, Viscusi E, et al.  Regional Anesthesia And Pain Medicine  Vol 47  Iss 5  Pages 301-308  2022 May  PMID: 35193970  PMCID: PMC8961753


"Neuromodulation Interventions for the Treatment of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: a Systematic Review."
D'Souza RS, Langford B, Dombovy-Johnson M, Abd-Elsayed A,  Current Pain And Headache Reports  Vol 26  Iss 5  Pages 365-377  2022 May  PMID: 35226258


"Post-COVID Pain Syndromes."
Fiala K, Martens J, Abd-Elsayed A,  Current Pain And Headache Reports  Vol 26  Iss 5  Pages 379-383  2022 May  PMID: 35267156  PMCID: PMC8907389


"Reduction of Postoperative Cognitive Deficits in Aged Mice by Chronic Intermittent Propofol."
Nagarajan R, Lyu J, Kambali M, Wang M, Pearce RA, Rudolph U,  FASEB Journal : Official Publication Of The Federation Of American Societies For Experimental Biology  Vol 36 Suppl 1  2022 May  PMID: 35554553


"Increased expression of SLC25A1/CIC causes an autistic-like phenotype with altered neuron morphology."
Rigby MJ, Orefice NS, Lawton AJ, Ma M, Shapiro SL, Yi SY, et al. (incl. Pearce RA)  Brain : A Journal Of Neurology  Vol 145  Iss 2  Pages 500-516  2022 Apr 18  PMID: 35203088  PMCID: PMC9014753


"Undifferentiated non-hepatic hyperammonemia in the ICU: Diagnosis and management."
Long MT, Coursin DB,  Journal Of Critical Care  Vol 70  Pages 154042  2022 Apr 18  PMID: 35447602


"Cardiac Surgery in a Patient With Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia."
Simon ER, Rakholia M, McHenry ML, Mishra PK, Singh R, Javangula K, et al.  Journal Of Cardiothoracic And Vascular Anesthesia  Vol 36  Iss 4  Pages 1196-1206  2022 Apr  PMID: 34344598


"From the Cava to the Chest: Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection."
Johnson HR, Couillard AB, Busch RA, Long MT,  American Journal Of Respiratory And Critical Care Medicine  Vol 205  Iss 7  Pages e14-e15  2022 Apr 1  PMID: 34784494


"Hooded broadcast sprayer for particle drift reduction."
Canella Vieira B, Coura Oliveira M, Sousa Alves G, Golus JA, Schroeder K, Smeda RJ, et al.  Pest Management Science  Vol 78  Iss 4  Pages 1519-1528  2022 Apr  PMID: 34964248


"Broadening the frequencies of clinical sound: another lesson from COVID-19."
Yastrebov K, Coursin DB, Mahajan A, Long MT,  Ultrasonography (Seoul, Korea)  Vol 41  Iss 2  Pages 430-431  2022 Apr  PMID: 34979734  PMCID: PMC8942743


"Regional Anesthesia in the Elite Athlete."
Meyer P, Schroeder K,  Clinics In Sports Medicine  Vol 41  Iss 2  Pages 291-302  2022 Apr  PMID: 35300841


"Identifying Predictors for Early Percutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulator Explant at One and Two Years: A Retrospective Database Analysis."
Hussain N, Boulos R, Malik TM, Abd-Elsayed A, Essandoh MK, Khan S, et al.  Neuromodulation : Journal Of The International Neuromodulation Society  2022 Mar 30  [Preprint]  PMID: 35367127


"Anesthetic preconditioning of traumatic brain injury is ineffective in a Drosophila model of obesity."
Johnson-Schlitz D, Fischer JA, Schiffman HJ, Scharenbrock AR, Olufs ZP, Wassarman DA, et al. (incl. Perouansky M)  The Journal Of Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics  2022 Mar 28  [Preprint]  PMID: 35347062


"Evaluating the incidence of spinal cord injury after spinal cord stimulator implant: an updated retrospective review."
Hussain N, Gill J, Speer J, Abdel-Rasoul M, Abd-Elsayed A, Khan S, et al.  Regional Anesthesia And Pain Medicine  2022 Mar 28  [Preprint]  PMID: 35347081


"Coagulopathy and hemostasis management in patients undergoing liver transplantation: Defining a dynamic spectrum across phases of care."
Pillai AA, Kriss M, Al-Adra DP, Chadha RM, Cushing MM, Farsad K, et al. (incl. Hess AS)  Liver Transplantation : Official Publication Of The American Association For The Study Of Liver Diseases And The International Liver Transplantation Society  2022 Mar 7  [Preprint]  PMID: 35253365


"Cohort Analysis of the Association of Delirium Severity With Cerebrospinal Fluid Amyloid-Tau-Neurodegeneration Pathologies."
Parker M, White M, Casey C, Kunkel D, Bo A, Blennow K, et al. (incl. Lennertz R)  The Journals Of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences And Medical Sciences  Vol 77  Iss 3  Pages 494-501  2022 Mar 3  PMID: 34260706


"Reduced Electroencephalogram Complexity in Postoperative Delirium."
Tanabe S, Parker M, Lennertz R, Pearce RA, Banks MI, Sanders RD,  The Journals Of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences And Medical Sciences  Vol 77  Iss 3  Pages 502-506  2022 Mar 3  PMID: 34958346  PMCID: PMC8893195


"Fourth Wave of Opioid (Illicit Drug) Overdose Deaths and Diminishing Access to Prescription Opioids and Interventional Techniques: Cause and Effect."
Manchikanti L, Singh VM, Staats PS, Trescot AM, Prunskis J, Knezevic NN, et al. (incl. Abd-Elsayed A)  Pain Physician  Vol 25  Iss 2  Pages 97-124  2022 Mar  PMID: 35322965


"Evaluation of language analysis to summarize the literature: a comparison to traditional meta-analysis in primary hip and knee surgery."
Myszewski J, Klossowski E, Schroeder KM,  Regional Anesthesia And Pain Medicine  Vol 47  Iss 3  Pages 151-154  2022 Mar  PMID: 34907027


"Amyloid deposition on positron emission tomography correlates with severity of perioperative delirium: a case-control pilot study."
Torres-Velázquez M, Parker M, Bo A, White M, Tanabe S, Pearce RA, et al. (incl. Lennertz R)  British Journal Of Anaesthesia  Vol 128  Iss 3  Pages e226-e228  2022 Mar  PMID: 34996589  PMCID: PMC8988176


"Association of Major Surgical Admissions With Quality of Life: 19-Year Follow-up of the Whitehall II Longitudinal Prospective Cohort Study."
Krause BM, Manning HJ, Sabia S, Singh-Manoux A, Sanders RD,  JAMA Surgery  Vol 157  Iss 3  Pages 275-277  2022 Mar 1  PMID: 35080594  PMCID: PMC8792798


"Role of interleukin-18 in postoperative delirium: an exploratory analysis."
Wu JG, Taylor J, Parker M, Kunkel D, Rivera C, Pearce RA, et al. (incl. Lennertz R)  British Journal Of Anaesthesia  Vol 128  Iss 3  Pages e229-e231  2022 Mar  PMID: 35090723  PMCID: PMC8988177


"The Burden of Coronavirus Disease 2019-Related Cases, Hospitalizations, and Mortality Based on Vaccination Status and Mandated Mask Use: Statewide Data From Wisconsin and Narrative Review of the Literature."
Abd-Elsayed A, D'Souza RS,  Anesthesia And Analgesia  Vol 134  Iss 3  Pages 524-531  2022 Mar 1  PMID: 35180169