Recent Publications

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"Utilization of sentiment analysis to assess and compare negative finding reporting in veterinary and human literature."
Myszewski JJ, Klossowski E, Schroeder KM, Schroeder CA,  Research In Veterinary Science  Vol 148  Pages 27-32  2022 Nov  PMID: 35644090


"Dose-dependent suppression of hippocampal contextual memory formation, place cells, and spatial engrams by the NMDAR antagonist (R)-CPP."
Zhu M, Perkins MG, Lennertz R, Abdulzahir A, Pearce RA,  Neuropharmacology  Vol 218  Pages 109215  2022 Nov 1  PMID: 35977628


"Coagulopathy and hemostasis management in patients undergoing liver transplantation: Defining a dynamic spectrum across phases of care."
Pillai AA, Kriss M, Al-Adra DP, Chadha RM, Cushing MM, Farsad K, et al. (incl. Hess AS)  Liver Transplantation : Official Publication Of The American Association For The Study Of Liver Diseases And The International Liver Transplantation Society  Vol 28  Iss 10  Pages 1651-1663  2022 Oct  PMID: 35253365


"Author response: Undifferentiated non-hepatic hyperammonemia in the ICU: Diagnosis and management."
Long MT, Coursin DB,  Journal Of Critical Care  Vol 71  Pages 154075  2022 Oct  PMID: 35637120


"Scheduled methadone reduces overall opioid requirements after pediatric posterior spinal fusion: A single center retrospective case series."
Mok V, Sweetman S, Hernandez B, Casias T, Hylton J, Krause BM, et al.  Paediatric Anaesthesia  Vol 32  Iss 10  Pages 1159-1165  2022 Oct  PMID: 35816392


"Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation for Lower Extremity Neuropathic Pain Syndromes: An Evidence-Based Literature Review."
D'Souza RS, Kubrova E, Her YF, Barman RA, Smith BJ, Alvarez GM, et al. (incl. Abd-Elsayed A)  Advances In Therapy  Vol 39  Iss 10  Pages 4440-4473  2022 Oct  PMID: 35994195  PMCID: PMC9464732


"GABA facilitates spike propagation through branch points of sensory axons in the spinal cord."
Hari K, Lucas-Osma AM, Metz K, Lin S, Pardell N, Roszko DA, et al. (incl. Pearce RA)  Nature Neuroscience  2022 Sep 26  [Preprint]  PMID: 36163283


"X-linked genes exhibit miR6891-5p-regulated skewing in Sjögren's syndrome."
Shaw TM, Zhang W, McCoy SS, Pagenkopf A, Carp DM, Garg S, et al.  Journal Of Molecular Medicine (Berlin, Germany)  Vol 100  Iss 9  Pages 1253-1265  2022 Sep  PMID: 35538149  PMCID: PMC9420820


"A dozen places to lose a liter or two of blood."
Hess AS, Hess JR,  Transfusion  Vol 62  Iss 9  Pages 1908-1911  2022 Sep  PMID: 35815560


"What is new in perioperative dysglycemia?"
Long MT, Anderson AL, Curry TB,  Intensive Care Medicine  Vol 48  Iss 9  Pages 1230-1233  2022 Sep  PMID: 35916913


"Changes in vitamin D metabolites at the time of critical illness and 6 months later-A prospective observational study."
Jonsdottir GM, Kvaran RB, Skarphedinsdottir SJ, Karason S, Krueger D, Coursin DB, et al.  Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica  2022 Aug 18  [Preprint]  PMID: 36054671


"Efficacy of Neuromodulation Interventions for the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction: A Systematic Review."
Jin MY, D'Souza RS, Abd-Elsayed AA,  Neuromodulation : Journal Of The International Neuromodulation Society  2022 Aug 15  [Preprint]  PMID: 35981957


"Incidence and Predictors of Inadvertent Dural Puncture After Percutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation: A Retrospective Data Base Analysis."
Hussain N, Karri J, Dimitrov T, D'Souza RS, Zhou S, Abdel-Rasoul M, et al. (incl. Abd-Elsayed A)  Neuromodulation : Journal Of The International Neuromodulation Society  2022 Aug 14  [Preprint]  PMID: 35977852


"Delirium and Cortical Complexity: Divergent Changes in Alpha and Theta Bands."
Tanabe S, Parker M, Lennertz R, Pearce RA, Banks MI, Sanders RD,  The Journals Of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences And Medical Sciences  2022 Aug 9  [Preprint]  PMID: 35943896


"Neuromodulation Therapy for Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy: A Systematic Review."
D'Souza RS, Her YF, Jin MY, Morsi M, Abd-Elsayed A,  Biomedicines  Vol 10  Iss 8  2022 Aug 7  PMID: 36009456  PMCID: PMC9405804


"Observation of WWW Production in pp Collisions at sqrt[s]=13  TeV with the ATLAS Detector."
Aad G, Abbott B, Abbott DC, Abed Abud A, Abeling K, Abhayasinghe DK, et al.  Physical Review Letters  Vol 129  Iss 6  Pages 061803  2022 Aug 5  PMID: 36018638


"Postoperative delirium and changes in the blood-brain barrier, neuroinflammation, and cerebrospinal fluid lactate: a prospective cohort study."
Taylor J, Parker M, Casey CP, Tanabe S, Kunkel D, Rivera C, et al. (incl. Pearce RA)  British Journal Of Anaesthesia  Vol 129  Iss 2  Pages 219-230  2022 Aug  PMID: 35144802  PMCID: PMC9465948


"A virtual anesthesiology faculty development seminar: The first step in a Midwestern consortium to advance academic interests."
Bevil KM, Klesius LL, Gokey A, Nevel J, Thomas JJ, Coursin DB,  Journal Of Clinical Anesthesia  Vol 79  Pages 110767  2022 Aug  PMID: 35349962


"Undifferentiated non-hepatic hyperammonemia in the ICU: Diagnosis and management."
Long MT, Coursin DB,  Journal Of Critical Care  Vol 70  Pages 154042  2022 Aug  PMID: 35447602


"Clinical Radiofrequency Ablation Outcomes of Combined Sensory Nerve Branch and Dorsal Entry Root Zone Complex Lesions for Sacroiliac Joint Complex Pain."
Sam J, Pastrak M, Duda L, Vladicic N, Vrooman B, Ma F, et al.  Advances In Therapy  Vol 39  Iss 8  Pages 3539-3546  2022 Aug  PMID: 35678997


"Evidence-Based Treatment of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: a Systematic Review."
D'Souza RS, Barman R, Joseph A, Abd-Elsayed A,  Current Pain And Headache Reports  Vol 26  Iss 8  Pages 583-594  2022 Aug  PMID: 35716275


"Hospital red blood cell and platelet supply and utilization from March to December of the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: The BEST collaborative study."
Lu W, Yazer M, Li N, Ziman A, Wendel S, Tang H, et al. (incl. Hess AS)  Transfusion  Vol 62  Iss 8  Pages 1559-1570  2022 Aug  PMID: 35808950  PMCID: PMC9349645


"The Advisory Group on Risk Evidence Education for Dementia: Multidisciplinary and Open to All."
Rosen AC, Arias JJ, Ashford JW, Blacker D, Chhatwal JP, Chin NA, et al.  Journal Of Alzheimer's Disease : JAD  2022 Jul 31  [Preprint]  PMID: 35938255


"Coagulated Cryoprecipitate in an Intravenous Line."
Shulman AB, Kase YH, Arrigo RT, Hess AS,  Anesthesiology  2022 Jul 26  [Preprint]  PMID: 35881767


"Development of entrustable professional activities for regional anesthesia and pain medicine fellowship training."
Porter S, Prendiville E, Allen BFS, Booth G, Boublik J, Burnett GW, et al. (incl. Wilson EH)  Regional Anesthesia And Pain Medicine  2022 Jul 25  [Preprint]  PMID: 35878963


"Persistent blood DNA methylation changes one year after SARS-CoV-2 infection."
Balnis J, Madrid A, Hogan KJ, Drake LA, Adhikari A, Vancavage R, et al.  Clinical Epigenetics  Vol 14  Iss 1  Pages 94  2022 Jul 23  PMID: 35871090  PMCID: PMC9308917


"Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Lower Extremity Pain."
Busch C, Smith O, Weaver T, Vallabh J, Abd-Elsayed A,  Biomedicines  Vol 10  Iss 7  2022 Jul 11  PMID: 35884969  PMCID: PMC9313008


"Evaluating the incidence of spinal cord injury after spinal cord stimulator implant: an updated retrospective review."
Hussain N, Gill J, Speer J, Abdel-Rasoul M, Abd-Elsayed A, Khan S, et al.  Regional Anesthesia And Pain Medicine  Vol 47  Iss 7  Pages 401-407  2022 Jul  PMID: 35347081


"Multivariate autoregressive model estimation for high-dimensional intracranial electrophysiological data."
Endemann CM, Krause BM, Nourski KV, Banks MI, Veen BV,  NeuroImage  Vol 254  Pages 119057  2022 Jul 1  PMID: 35354095  PMCID: PMC9360562


"Carbon Footprint of Anesthesia: Comment."
Schroeder KM, Özelsel T, Ip V,  Anesthesiology  Vol 137  Iss 1  Pages 122  2022 Jul 1  PMID: 35507701