Chronic Pain and Pain Management Treatment

The Division of Chronic Pain Management is part of a larger multidisciplinary pain management program at UW Health. In addition to treating all chronic pain conditions using the most advanced modalities and technologies, we also provide a second-opinion service, eConsults, and telemedicine services. Members of our division have participated in many research endeavors including U.S. Food and Drug Administration trials. We also co-direct an accredited chronic pain fellowship in collaboration with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation.


Members of the division pursue state-of-the-art clinical strategies to reduce chronic pain and manage general pain treatment with an emphasis on treating the whole patient and carefully considering the pathology of their pain. The team is able to dramatically improve quality of life with advanced technologies and modalities that successfully reduce or block pain.  Dr. Abd-Elsayed’s clinical trial titled “NOVA” examines the efficacy of new spinal cord stimulation waveforms on improvement of low back pain in patients with severe pain resistant to all other modalities.


The divison also participates in national research studies including neuromodulation Product Surveillance Registry (PSR) and the UPGRADE Study: Real World Outcomes® of Differential Target Multiplexed (DTM-SCS®) Stimulation in Existing and New Medtronic Intellis™ Implants, funded by Medtronic and in the process of starting more clinical trials examining virtual reality programs in treating chronic pain and peripheral nerve stimulators for treating different neuralgias.



Dr. Keth Pride is currently the Associate Director for the UW Chronic Pain Fellowship program, section head of Neuromodulation, and also the director for the Anesthesia Resident Pain Rotation. He is involved in multiple ongoing research studies with one studying the efficacy of lumbar radio frequency ablation. He is also actively involved at the UW Medical School where he teaches medical students as a Partner Longitudinal Teacher Coach.

Division Chief

Alaa Abd-Elsayed,  MD, MPH

Pain Dyad, Director of Chronic Pain, and Assistant Professor
608 265-0808



Alaa Abd-Elsayed,  MD, MPH
David  Bryce,  MD
Keth Pride,  MD