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Ralph M. Waters Visiting Professor Program

From UWSMPH - Department of Anesthesiology

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Ralph M. Waters Visiting Professor Program

Program Overview

Dr. Ralph M. Waters History

Anesthesiology is diverse and complex. The generalist and subpecialist in anesthesiology are expected to be conversant in topics as wide ranging as advanced airway management techniques, neonatal emergencies, neurophysiological monitoring, pharmacology of new agents and risk management, among others. Further, the scientific basis of anesthesia is undergoing continual rigorous investigation challenging the practitioner to keep up with new advances.

The intended audience for the Ralph M. Waters, MD Visiting Professor lectures are members of the anesthesia care team: both general and subspeciality anesthesiologists, residents in anesthesiology, non-physician anesthetists, and medical students.

Specific lectures will be of interest to other medical, surgical and allied specialties as the speakers cover areas of common concern. This series of lectures by internationally distinguished leaders in anesthesia is designed to increase understanding of anesthetic advances and improve care across the spectrum of general to more specialized anesthesia care.

Visiting Professors are generally in the Anesthesiology Department on Tuesday and Wednesday of selected months. They will meet with faculty, residents and other interested individuals and groups in a variety of forums.

Tuesday Lecture - MSA Meeting
Reception - 4:30 pm
Lecture - 5:00 pm
1220 MFCB
Wednesday Lecture
7:00 am - 8:00 am
Department of Anesthesiology Grand Rounds
1325 HSLC