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Sustainable Anesthesiology

ASA Monitor Environmental Sustainability Issue, April 2018
Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, 2018 Feb
Eckelman and Sherman US heatlhcare environmental impacts, PlosONE 2016
Public Health and Climate Change: Lancet 2015
Estimate of the Carbon Footprint of the US Health Care Sector: JAMA 2009

Contact Information:
Karin Zuegge, MD
Associate Professor
UW Health Medical Director of Sustainability

Trash & Recycling

Life Cycle Analysis, JCataractRefractSurg. 2017 Nov
OR Disposable Waste Quantification, JNeurosurg 2016
Life Cycle Assessment surgical procedures, Env Sci Tech 2015
Creative and Interactive Material Usage Project
Operating Room Recycling Audit, A&A case rept 2015
Multidisciplinary Team Reduce Waste, Am Surg 2013
Life Cycle Disposable vs. Reusable LMAs, A&A 2012
Greening Orthopedic Surgery 2012

What on EARTH can I put in that green recycling bin?? There is now a sign!
'What Can I Recycle?' Poster

Recycling in the OR
Introduction to Waste and Recycling in the OR (pdf)
'An operation to turn waste into art' Wisconsinn State Journal Feb 26, 2017

How the automatic sorting process works: 'Green Machine' Video

What is so bad about landfill waste?
It’s better by FAR to prevent items from going to the landfill. The energy and raw materials used to mine/produce them isn’t wasted AND you avoid the toxic by-products of their decomposition. Read more and watch a video: Landfill Facts (pdf)

Annotated landfill diagram.
Source: Begin with the Bin


Gas Savings $1000 Per Day, JClinAnesth. 2016 Dec
Yale Inhaled Anesthetic Climate Initiative ( Gassing Greener App)
FDA Sevoflurane Full Info Sheet (Flow Recs on p.17)
Vaporizer stickers reduce gas waste, JCA 2015
Reducing waste of gas with low-flow software, Anesthesiology 2013
Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Anesthetic Drugs, A&A 2012
Global Climate Impact of Anesthetic Gas AnesthAnalg 2012
Global Warming Potential Inhaled Anesthetics, A&A 2010

Alternate Label Placement

Vaporizer Labels
Click on the above picture to download vaporizer labels for your use.


Drug waste analysis, JCA 2016
Monitoring pharmaceuticals in hospital wastewater, J Env Mgt 2015
Low cost protocol for drugs and gasses, JCA 1994
Price labeling and cost consciousness, JCA 1998
Voluntary low-cost protocol, group practice, JCA 1998:

Drug Waste

Sustainability Resources

ASA Environmental Task Force Website
ASA Inhaled Anesthetic Atmospheric Waste Reduction Resources (benchmark inhaled anesthetic carbon footprints, Anesthesia Carbon Calculator and much more)
Yale Gassing Greener App:   IOS   Android
Practice Greenhealth
HealthCare Without Harm
Physicians for Social Responsibility

Last updated 18 April 2018