2022 Resident Virtual Open House Brings Bucky Badger to the Department!

Resident Chief Dr. Skoda, future & current Resident Program Directors, Dr. Simon (2023) and, Dr. Darling with Bucky.

The annual resident open house was hosted by the Department of Anesthesiology on Thursday, September 1, 2022. The event was virtual this year, and over 90 students attended online from schools all over the nation. Department GME Program Administrator, Michelle Grosch said “We are encouraged by this fantastic start to recruitment season!” The open house was attended in person by current department residents and the current Program Director, Christopher Darling, DO, and his successor, Eric Simon, MD.


Bucky waves hello to virtual attendees!

The start of the meeting was informal and began with introductions around the room. Just as Dr. Darling was ready to officially kick off the meeting, he was interrupted by a surprise guest, the UW-Madison mascot, Bucky Badger! Bucky high-fived attendees, and waved hello to all applicants on the video camera. Bucky’s enthusiasm continued after he left the virtual open house–as he created mischief in the Department and around campus!


The meeting included a scheduled lecture presented by Dr. Darling and Dr. Simon and concluded with a Q&A session with Faculty and Residents, followed by a resident only Q&A session.


Bucky high-fives Resident Chief Dr. Hernandez.

Dr. Darling remarked, “he was impressed by the questions asked and proud of authenticity given in the answers by members of the Department”. He went on to acknowledge that it would be difficult to step down in his role as Program Director, but felt confident, that Dr. Simon would be a tremendous addition to the leadership team and would guide the next classes to success!


Department GME Program Administrator, Michelle Grosch extended thanks to the following residents whom she said: “graciously shared their UW-Madison Resident Life experience with future applicants.” In attendance were Daniel Todorovic, MD, Lucas Skoda, DO, Brandon Hernandez, MD, Simi Akintorin, MD, Dana Lowry, DO,  Sneha Somasekar, DO, Coleen Hurd, DO, Calvin Harberg, MD, Michael Gyorfi, MD, Nate Needham, DO, Sylvia Rakke, MD and Tanner McArdle, MD.


Dr. Darling and Dr. Simon also extended their appreciation to the department administrative staff, Kim Rogan, Michelle Grosch, and Andrew Williams for organizing the event and providing technical support.