Transplant Anesthesiology Fellowship Faculty

Michael Hannaman,  MD

Clinical Associate Professor
Fellowship Program Director

Christopher Darling,  DO

Associate Professor (CHS)
 Residency Program Director

Molly Groose,  MD, MS

Assistant Professor (CHS)
 Medical Director: Transplant Anesthesiology

Laura Hammel,  MD

Associate Professor (CHS)
 Division Chief: Transplant Anesthesiology

Zoltan Hevesi,  MD, MBA

Professor (CHS)

Sergei Lopukhin,  MD

Associate Professor (CHS)

Misha Perouansky,  MD

Professor (CHS)

Thomas McDowell,  MD, PhD

Associate Professor
 Interim Vice Chair of Research, Chair of R&D Committee

Joshua Sebranek,  MD

Associate Professor (CHS)
 Senior Vice Chair
 Division Chief: Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology