Regional and Acute Pain Management Anesthesiology Fellowship Faculty

Kristopher Schroeder,  MD

Professor (CHS)
Fellowship Program Director
 Vice Chair of CHS Faculty Development
 Interim Vice Chair for Education

Alaa Abd-Elsayed,  MD, MPH

Associate Professor (CHS)
 Division Chief: Chronic Pain
 Medical Director, UW Pain Services
 Medical Director, Pain Clinic

Thomas Broderick,  MD

Associate Professor (CHS)

Michael Ford,  MD

Associate Professor (CHS)
 Chief of Anesthesiology Services, UW Health at The American Center

Jill Patzner,  MD

Clinical Associate Professor
 Medical Director, Madison Surgery Center

Jocelyn Blake,  MD

Assistant Professor (CHS)

Elizabeth Wilson,  MD

Associate Professor (CHS)

Mark Stram,  MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Benjamin Walker,  MD

Associate Professor (CHS)
 Medical Director of Perioperative Services at American Family Children's Hospital