Neurosurgical Anesthesiology Fellowship Faculty

Whitney Fallahian,  MD

Assistant Professor (CHS)
Program Director, Nerosurgical Anesthesiology Fellowship
 Fellowship Director: Neurosurgical Anesthesiology

Aimee Becker,  MD, MBA

Associate Professor (CHS)
 UWH Chief Clinical Officer

Joel Johnson,  MD, PhD

Professor (CHS)
 Medical Director for Clinical Anesthetists
 Interim Vice Chair: Quality and Safety

Deborah Rusy,  MD, MBA, FASA

Professor (CHS)

Christopher Turner,  MD, PhD, MBA

Professor (CHS)
 UWH Director of Perioperative Services-Anesthesia,Interim Medical Director of Anesthesiology for Madison Surgery Center, Inc (MSC)

Kenneth Van Dyke,  MD

Associate Professor (CHS)
 Medical Director: UH Perioperative Services

Karl Willmann,  MD

Associate Professor (CHS)
 Medical Director: PACU
 Director: ACLS