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Laboratory Research

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Banks Laboratory Matthew Banks, PhD

The Banks laboratory is interested in how sensory stimuli are represented in the firing patterns of cells in the neocortex, and how general anesthetics disrupt this coding process.

Hogan Laboratory Kirk Hogan, MD, JD

The Hogan Laboratory focuses on responses to anesthesia and surgery arising from genomic and epigenomic variation.

McDowell Laboratory Thomas McDowell, MD, PhD

The McDowell laboratory is interested in the physiology and pharmacology of pain at the level of the primary nociceptive neuron.

Miletic Laboratory Vjekoslav Miletic, PhD

The overall goal of the research efforts in the Miletic laboratory is to elucidate some of the mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of chronic pain.

Pearce Laboratory Robert A. Pearce, MD, PhD

The Pearce laboratory is focused on understanding the mechanisms by which general anesthetics alter central nervous system function.

Yang Laboratory Jay Yang, MD, PhD, MSEE

The Yang laboratory studies the basic mechanisms of clinically relevant problems such as pathological pain, heart failure (diabetic cardiomyopathy), and sepsis using cellular, molecular, and electrophysiological techniques.