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Sustainable Anesthesiology

Contact Information:
Karin Zuegge, MD
Assistant Professor

Public Health and Climate Change: Lancet 2015

Trash & Recycling

OR Disposable Waste Quantification, JNeurosurg 2016
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Creative and Interactive Material Usage Project
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What on EARTH can I put in that green recycling bin?? There is now a sign!
'What Can I Recycle?' Poster

Recycling in the OR Presentation (pdf)

How the automatic sorting process works: 'Green Machine' Video

What is so bad about landfill waste?
It’s better by FAR to prevent items from going to the landfill. The energy and raw materials used to mine/produce them isn’t wasted AND you avoid the toxic by-products of their decomposition. Read more and watch a video: Landfill Facts (pdf)

Annotated landfill diagram.
Source: Begin with the Bin


Yale Inhaled Anesthetic Climate Initiative ( Gassing Greener App)
FDA Sevoflurane Full Info Sheet (Flow Recs on p.17)
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Vaporizer Labels
Click on the above picture to download vaporizer labels for your use.


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Drug Waste