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Clinical Research

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Current Research
Donnelly Clinical Research Melanie Donnelly, MD, MPH

"Duration of analgesic effect for ultrasound guided supraclavicular blocks with the addition of buprenorphine to local anesthetic solution"

"ACL repair and multimodal analgesia"

"Continuous Interscalene Block vs. Single Injection Interscalene Block in Those Undergoing Shoulder Surgery in the Ambulatory Setting"

Galgon Clinical Research Richard Galgon, MD, MS

"Impact of Manikin Training on Airtraq Avant Learning Curve in Predicted Difficult Airways"

"Comparison of the air-Q® Self-Pressurizing (SP) Intubating Laryngeal Airway with the air-Q® Intubating Laryngeal Airway and i-gel for Airway Maintenance in Adults under General Anesthesia"

Raz Clinical Research Aeyal Raz, MD

"Effects of Dexmedetomidine on Neuronal Activity in the Subthalamic Nucleus During Deep Brain Stimulation Electrode Implantation Surgery"

Schroeder Clinical Research Kristopher Schroeder, MD

"Prospective randomized control trial of the effect of preoperative forced-air warming on perioperative body temperature following neuraxial anesthesia in total hip arthroplasty patients."

"Transversus Abdominis Plane Blocks for Ileostomy Takedown: A Prospective Study"

Walker Clinical Research Benjamin Walker, MD

"Predicting Perioperative Opioid Adverse Effects and Personalizing Analgesia in Children: A Multicenter Pharmacogenetic Study"

"Single versus Double Epidural Catheter Technique for Post-Operative Analgesia Following Scoliosis Surgery"

Past Research
Coursin Clinical Research Douglas Coursin, MD

"Vitamin D Levels in Anesthesia Caregivers at the End of Winter"

Meyer Clinical Research Cari L. Meyer, MD

"Does a Single Dose of Propofol Reduce the Incidence of Emergence Agitation in Children?"

Yang Clinical Research Jay Yang, MD, PHD

"Membrane Metaloproteinase-9 Genotype and Aortic Aneurysm"